Backup to FTP


We are running Kerio Connect 7.4 on our Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server and the latest Webmin. Kerio can only make local backups so we want to make the server copy Kerio backup-files to a remote FTP every night. The problem is that Webmin's "Filesystem backup" module is missing the incremental feature that Virtualmin's backup include so it copys the whole backup directory every time.

So my question is if there is any Virutalmin like backup the can be manage from Webmin? Or do anyone have any tips on how to resolve this problem?

Best regards, Jakob



Is this Kerio backup you are trying to send via FTP a singe file, or multiple files? Because the incremental feature only works on a per-file basis, so may not help even if you could get incremental FTP backups working..

Yes, Kerio creates a number of compressed files every night, (incrementel mon-sat and full on sunday)

So instead of having to backup all of them every day I only want to copy the new files to our FTP.

Sorry, but currently the Filesystem Backup module in Webmin doesn't support incremental backups directly..

Will there be support for this (like the excellent backup feature in virtualmin) in future versions of webmin?

I'll look into it ..