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#1 Thu, 05/03/2012 - 08:50

Question about webmin backup


First wanted to say hello to everybody here, this is my first post.

I recently moved one of my VPS's from Plesk to Webmin/virtualmin and I am trying to get properly acquainted with this product. Everything is running quite smoothly as of now (8 websites up and running, SSL in place, a few security features ...). I already did setup a Virtualmin backup for one of my virtualhosts, using SSH to another host in another city, everything ok as well, every night, just keeping the last 10 backups. OK.

After reading a few threads about backup in Virtual/Webmin, I decided it might be a good idea to have a Webmin backup as well, as it might help me, in case of ... accident, to restore my VPS. I thought this would be an easy task, well ... could'nt get it up and running. I ended up making many manual try, to no avail. What I think is weird is that I am using the same exact remote host with the same exact SSH as for Virtualmin. The main difference I see seems to be related with the remote file name. - VirtualMin: "backup/crm_%Y-%m-%d" - Webmin: this does not work at all. It seems that first I have to start with a "/" like "/backup" instead of "backup". I also tried an absolute path from server root, like "/homez.XX/backup" .. Then I made many test as far as the filename is concerned, none worked.

SCP connection is always OK, then I get an error like "scp: /backup: Permission denied" or "scp: /backup/webmin.tar.gz: No such file or directory" although I did create this file and it does exists.

My "backup" directory is the same I use successfully for Virtualmin, so I don't think this is a problem with rights ...

Anyhow, if somebody could give me a few pointers, it would be very much appreciated. Also I am running VirtualMin 3.91.gpl, on a debian squeeze, everything up to date, and my apologies for the approximative english which is not my usual language.


Fri, 05/04/2012 - 05:00


Just wanted to add a follow-up and remarks.

I finally solved my problem, it was just a problem of absolute path on server.

But still, I don't understand why Webmin needs an absolute path where Virtualmin just needs the folder name, main reason why I spent a few hours on this problem (I couldn't resolve myself to add a path, thinking that "if it works in Virtualmin, it cannot be different ...").

Other remark: the webmin backup name seems to be a random string of number, I couldn't so far identify any scheme that would make sense, maybe somebody knows ... It would be nice to be able (like in Virtualmin) to have the date of the backup, and to be able to ask to retain the last X days ...

Regards. Pierre.

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