User defined filters have stopped working on 2 different installs of Virtualmin


I have Virtualmin GPL running on 2 servers, one is Ubuntu 10.04LTS and the other is Ubuntu 8.04LTS. These are always kept up-to-date with all OS updates and also the Virtualmin updates. Around a month ago I noticed that all of the user defined filters stopped working and logging into an effected user in Usermin and selecting 'Filter and Forward Mail' has me presented with the message Warning - The system is configured to not process user-defined mail filters. Filters defined here will not be used.

I have tried everything I can think of to find a new setting to enable this. Procmail appears to be running as it is generating log messages for every email that is received. As this has occurred on 2 different servers I therefore believe this to be an issue rather than me tweaking things (I haven't had time to do much apart from apt-get updates!)

I therefore need some advice on where to look, Google and searching the Forums have failed to show anything similar and because of the quantity of domains hosted doing a full re-install of OS/Virtualmin is not very desirable!




Try logging into Virtualmin, and then going to Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning. Change "Allow mailbox users to create mail filters?" to "Yes", and then click "Save".

If it is already set to "Yes", try changing to "No", saving, returning to that page, setting it to "Yes" again and re-saving.

Hi Jamie

Thank you for responding so quickly. I have now got it working, but something must have changed to cause this. I have never had virus and spam filtering enable as features. I had to enable them and then the option in 'Email Messages' appeared. It was disabled and so enabling it fixed it.

Did something change in recent release of Virtualmin? Would it not be more intuitive to have a separate option for filter rules outside of 'Spam and Virus Scanning'? Even if I did have these features enabled I would not have thought to look under this menu option!

Once again, thank you for your support.


Did this system perhaps have /etc/procmailrc manually modified, or was its global Virtualmin configuration backed up and restored?

Both systems were originally installed from scratch using Virtualmin install script, no global restore has been done. The only thing I can think of is an Ubuntu update trashing something? All very strange especially as two servers got affected with same issue.

Did you perhaps apply an update to the procmail package recently?