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#1 Thu, 02/16/2012 - 18:00

custom commands

Hello guys
I just registered to the forum, so sorry if there is another similar question as mine.
So i got this problem:
I want to create some custom commands for my users to be able to start/stop some gameservers.
I created 2 commands, Server Start and Server Stop.
Printscreen of both commands:

So my problem/question is how could I remove the "select user" option from the command exectuing?
Or is there a way to add a variable in "Run in directory" in place of $user variable, so when a user "testuser" activates the command, that command would be executed in "/home/testuser" directory?

The "izaberi profil" means choose profile/user, so i want to remove that option because you can only select your logged in username as it is the only one in list (except for root) and still be able to allow the command to execute in users dir.

I plan to make lots of users so it would be inefficient to make commands or scripts for all users separately.
Can anyone help here?
Thanks in advance,