webmin dovecot backup bug

It looks like that webmin doesn't backup dovecot configuration settings in CentOS 6.

I noticed this because I tried to restore dovecot settings (reason: vm 389 "broke" some settings :-) , but the dovecot settings are not in the backup file (even though all modules were selected during the creation process).

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Thanks for pointing this out .. it is a bug in Webmin's selection of the dovecot config files to backup. It will be fixed in the next release though.

The work-around for this is to go to Webmin -> Servers -> Dovecot -> Module Config, and set "Full path to Dovecot configuration file" to the single correct path on your system.

So i should set it to /etc/dovecot/?

It should be /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf

What about /etc/dovecot/conf.d/? Should't that be included in the backup as well?

Good point, I forgot about that file .. you'll have to wait for the next Webmin release to get a proper fix for this.

What would be the workaround for this? I guess other listed files

I tried to add /etc/dovecot/*. but webmin ignored this, probably because I have to list all files individually, right?

It would be great if other listed files. would be also able to backup folders :-)

That work-around would also work .. you can enter a directory like /etc/dovecot, and it will be expanded to include all the files within it.

This doesn't work unfortunately. I tested this with webmin 1.5.80. Maybe a bug?

I tried the following six value, but nothting worked

  • /etc/dovecot
  • /etc/dovecot/
  • /etc/dovecot/*
  • /etc/dovecot/conf.d
  • /etc/dovecot/conf.d/
  • /etc/dovecot/conf.d/*

Entering /etc/dovecot should work .. as long as you check the Other listed files box.

I did, but it doesn't work.

I just tested this, by selecting "Dovecot IMAP / POP3 Server" from the "Modules to backup" list, entering "/etc/dovecot" in the "Include in backup" box and checking the "Server configuration files" and "Other listed files" boxes .. and it worked fine. The output was :

Starting backup of module configuration files to /tmp/dovecot.tar.gz ..
.. complete. Final backup size was 17.17 kB, containing 23 files.

it doesn'work for me. what os did you try this? i tried centos 6.

Just to make sure, i don't see any Include in backup box option, only other files

Yes, I tried it on CentOS 6 with the latest Webmin (1.570).

Ok, looks like we found a bug. If you select open in browser it doesn't work, but local file works.

and it doesn't work if you backup via ssh.

Does any module's backup work if you select "open in browser" ?

just changed from fixed to active (because not sure whether my last response would be noticed otherwise). hope this is the correct way?

Sorry, for some reason I didn't see your question ...

Yes, all modules backups seem to work (but of course I haven't checked every file in detail, but it looks about right). Only files missing are those listed in the additional files box.

Same is true for ssh (which is more important that open in browser)

Could you try upgrading to Webmin 1.580 and see if it fixes this issue? We haven't released it for all Virtualmin customers yet, but it is safe to install. The commands to use are :

cd /tmp
wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin-1.580-1.noarch.rpm
rpm -U webmin-1.580-1.noarch.rpm

i tried it, but no change unfortunately

I'm sorry to say that I found another Webmin bug that can cause backups to the browser to not include additional files :-( This will be fixed in the 1.590 release though ..

Can happen :-) Thanks for fixing it.

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