Webmin generate interface statistics report - servers gets overloaded

In Webmin (not Virtuamlin!), do not exactly remember the menu - when you generate interface statistics report - servers gets overloaded and goes down (happened to me it keeps generating it for 6 hours now, 100% load) . Would be nice to have some warning message or some sort of protection from this. It's the menu where you have tickbox "generate ports only" output etc. I think it is in "Networking" submenu



Howdy -- I think you're referring to the bandwidth monitoring in Webmin -> Networking -> Bandwidth Monitoring.

However, when you first set that up -- there's a warning in bold text at the top of the page that says:

Warning - this module will log ALL network traffic sent or received on the selected interface. This will consume a large amount of disk space and CPU time on a fast network connection.

What you're seeing is a known issue -- we wouldn't recommend using that option unless you have a system with a lot of available resources.

It's still possible to get bandwidth monitoring without that enabled -- by default, Virtualmin will use the Apache, Mail, and FTP logs in order to calculate approximate bandwidth usage.

Using that option in Webmin allows more fine-tuned bandwidth calculations, at a cost of much higher resource usage.