add ssh user (tunnel only), how?

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#1 Thu, 09/29/2011 - 04:34

add ssh user (tunnel only), how?

Hi there

I would like to provide secure ssh connection to some users because they need access to the database with local tools (openoffice).

they can so far connect with the admin user (which has shell access) for tunneling. unfortunately this is not so good if you have to pass this master passwort around to more then a few people.

i think it might be best to have a ssh user with a bin/false shell which is only responsible for the tunnel, nothing else can be done with this user.

how could i add this kind of a user?

is this possible via virtualmin/webmin? or do i have to add this via root-shell?

i would prefer to not change things outside virtualmin if possible, as it might complicate issues later on.

thanks for any input. m