awstats permission denied when restoring

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#1 Mon, 06/27/2011 - 08:46

awstats permission denied when restoring

Hi i'm using Virtualmin on an old server with debian, and moving all sites to a new server with ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

i'm facing some problems with the full backup -> full restore

first problem i circumvented is that the old server isn't using quota, while new is, and when i restore a website from old to new, the "plan" is also restored, but if site is bigger than the "plan", it gives errore when restoring even if the default plan in the new machine is unlimited. I now disabled quota on new machine and i'm going to change all plans after i restored all sites.

I also had to change the tmp dir position (was /tmp, now /var/tmp) because /tmp on my hosting provider is 1gb space, and some websites i'm restoring are bigger.

Anyway the problem that blocks me is another i get, on some sites, this error.

Restoring AWstats configuration file .. .. done

Restore failed : Failed to open /usr/local/bin/ : Permission denied

i have no files on the old server besides geoip-lookup and rkhunter... what is virtualm trying to restore?

Marco Paglioni