Request for better backup / restore

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#1 Wed, 06/08/2011 - 18:51

Request for better backup / restore

I'd like to make this the small version so no one misunderstands at all! So, not posting whys, when I do, people want to come up with all sorts of reasons why not to do this, and imagine all sorts of things I am not trying to ask for. The why is VERY simple - it makes your life easier. If anyone sees the wisdom of this - please post. Having been through more than 50 virtualmin installs, various situations, I certainly do! This was being discussed on some tickets, I'd rather open it up to more people. Esp newbies.

I would like to redefine virtualmin backups (and thus restores) scope. Currently, the intent is to store off virtualmin settings, and, virtualmin virtual servers. It works ok for this.

I'd like to suggest making it somewhat better for all, esp those who have encountered numerous issues in the past, or, those who highly customize webmin settings and module settings (both). I define this as follows:

Webmin settings, - all settings done on the Webmin Configuration screens, AS WELL AS all settings done on various modules "module config" screens found in the upper left of most modules.

Module settings - All values that can be configured for each module from Webmin or Virtualmin. So, for example, all Apache settings that can possibly be set, all sshd settings, you name it.

So, I would merely want an additional option to store the webmin and module settings within the virtualmin backup, JUST AS it currently allows you to do with virtualmin settings. You don't have to click the box, but you might if you have a use for it. You don't have to run a separate webmin backup, etc.

This would enable a simple restore of a single backup to a system. Not asking for any backup outside of this. Such a simple restore simplifies the process for anyone wanting to restore their virtualmin/webmin system, or anyone trying to help someone else restore their system (as we do!). It is not a substitute for other forms of backup and not intended to be. But one place = good thing.

We simply see virtualmin and webmin as a single product. Virtualmin can't really run without webmin, they are tightly integrated. Webmin CAN run without virtualmin, so, webmin backup is fine for those customers. But virtualmin and webmin do need to be in sync else bad things can happen. Thus, this request.

I suppose it COULD be as simple as including whatever webmin backup does in the virtualmin backup file, just as it does for the other stuff. It would certainly encourage people to do a more complete backup as well, which unfortunately, we find many do not realize this. When a client has changed more than 500 settings in webmin, it's no small task to set them back up. While we appreciate the work, really, the customer shouldn't have to do this. We believe adding the checkbox would make it clear it's a necessary thing. Many of them seem to ASSUME the virtualmin backup also backs up webmin.