Webmin overrides /etc/fstab lines (bad on bind-filesystems)

Hi guys,

I'm not sure whether this is a bug or a feature. Anyway, the System -> Disk and Network Filesystems modul completely overrides lines in the /etc/fstab while applying changes.

I suppose, that this behaviour is more feature than bug as it guarantees "clean" entries. However, on bind-filesystems it removes the "bind" option which results in a unbootable system.

I.e.: /home /home ext4 defaults,bind,nosuid,nodev,usrquota 1 2

becomes: /home /home ext4 nosuid,defaults,nodev 0 2

after switching the quota from user to off.

Thank you and regards.

Closed (fixed)


That does look like a bug .. but does your /etc/fstab entry actually look like that? It seems to me that this would be mounting /home on top of /home ?

Actually, I see the cause of this now - it will be fixed in Webmin 1.550.

This might be a limitation of quotas ..

If you SSH into the system as root and run :

quotaon -u -p /home
quotaon -g -p /home

What does it output?

Ok, looks like the system doesn't think quotas are enabled on /home .. so Virtualmin wouldn't either.

Can I ask why you are using this kind of loopback mount in the first place?

Ok, I see now .. you are looking for a way to change the mount options for a directory without needing to have it be a separate filesystem. That's a clever trick.

What does /etc/mtab contain on your system? That is the file Virtualmin uses to find mount options.

Also, what does /etc/fstab contain? The /home filesystem bind mount should have usrquota and grpquota options.

Can I see your whole /etc/fstab file? I don't see it all in that image ..

So it looks like quotas are actually only really enabled on / filesystem, which is not surprising as loopback filesystems don't have any way to support quotas directly.

The next Virtualmin release will detect this case and set quotas on / , which actually works.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.