All domains goto /var/www/html/

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#1 Tue, 04/05/2011 - 11:37

All domains goto /var/www/html/

Hi, I have installed centos 5.5 on a vm, and installed virtualmin, as instructed. everything went well, with only one error, CalmAV is outdated, which im not overly concerned about at this point, my problem is after updating everything, and seting up a new virtual host, both my doamins are are showing the content of /var/www/html/ !

FTP works, and pages are uploaded to the /home/user/public_html, im just unable to browse their.

I previously posted this problem in the pro support ( my mistake ) and was advised to check


This seems to be ok

I am behind a router, and wondering if maybe this is the problem ?

my public ip is

virtualmin server private ip is :

domains are: ( default ) and

how would i go about tracing this problem ?

Regards Pat