100% Backups fail - no reason given.

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#1 Wed, 03/30/2011 - 15:01

100% Backups fail - no reason given.

So I've got my VPS running nicely, all 6 domains working like a charm and decide its time to start a backup strategy to an NFS server to store nightly incremental and weekly full backups.

So, setup the relevant schedules to backup everything and press go. I have configured them to SSH to a remote server and decided to test before leaving it be.


Try FTP....


Try local disk...


Look in the backup logs and its the same story for every backup regardless of where I try and store it. All the tasks report "done" with no errors! However at the top status report of each backup log it simply states "FAILED" in red letters and tells me which virtualhost failed (the first one). with no explanation why !

I'm assuming theres some other logs or places I can look to figure this out ? Any help gratefully received !

Thanks Si

Fri, 04/01/2011 - 10:24


One thing you might try doing is to manually generate a backup by going into Backup and Restore -> Backup Virtual Servers.

That'll perform the backup right there, giving you all the output as it flies by. I'd be curious if you see any errors or warnings that don't show up during the scheduled backups.


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