Grub2 now the default

As of Debian 6 Grub2 is now the default and that isn't supported by the current GRUB Boot Loader module. This should be fixed so that it does.



Yeah, I noticed that when adding Xen images for Debian 6 ... annoyingly, they totally changed the config file format for no good reason.

I just updated my office computer to debian 6 to see what was changed.... I don't think I'm going to upgrade any of my servers I maintain for a awhile, they made some drastic changes and if things go bad with the upgrade there is no way for me to fix it remotely.

I'm not happy with debian and expressed that in a long thread with them.

Any work done on this yet ? In a situation where I need it now.

Not yet ... how come you need to manage GRUB configurations via the UI though? Most of the time I never need to change GRUB configs at all.

I have never edited or even used grub2 yet and I need to change the order of a clients boot

Ok .. well, it's on my TODO list.

In debian you have to change the boot order if you want to use a xen kernel... squeeze is going to be a big learning curve

Any news on the grub2 support ?

Fedora 16 uses grub2 as well :-)

Does that mean you are going to support it?

I'm working on fedora 16 support currently..

I am pretty sure that the same code would work for any distro using Grub2

Yes, grub 2 should be the same across distros..

Any news on this ? I could really use it even if you have a beta plugin ready.

Still on my TODO list. This isn't very high priority, as most users are happy for the grub config to be auto-generated ..

I thought you were working on it for the fedora beta users ? At least thats what you said a few comments back.

In any case it should be a priority IMO.

I am, but keep getting interrupted by other work.

What makes it tricky is that on some distros, editing the grub2 config seems to be discouraged - the actual config file is auto generated mostly from files from other packages, and only a small fragment is user editable.

I still think this is important to do. Isn't there one someone wrote for webmin? gitt-matt/webmin-grub2, couldn't this be enhanced or made into the standard distro?