Domain name, nameservers and Webmin

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Domain name, nameservers and Webmin


well I am not sure this community will support my problem, because it's not directly related to Webmin/Virtualmin. Here are the facts: I own a VPS and I now want to use for some webhosting to host my domains instead of using third party hosts. So, where I have registered my domains I have a list for a NS I can edit to whatever I want, so I assume I have to point to my NS, created via Webmin. Okay, so I now I'm thinking I need to create nameservers (I think I need two, I have two IPs for my VPS). So I looked, and I looked, and I looked again, went through 2004 tutorials on how to set uo Bind, to 2010 forums posts but I can't seem to find the details I'm after. What I do is that I go under webmin, logged as root, servers->BIND DNS Server and I have this screen:

Now, you can see I have tried setting it up for the domain "". Here is what I did:

Okay, so now I can't seem to be able to use the nameservers. Somehow, I think it's normal because I really feel like I didn't do it like it should be done. What would be awesome if that if someone has a bit of time to detail the steps I need to create nameservers I could then apply to any of my domains (like hosting companies do) I'd be really greatful.

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Sun, 03/06/2011 - 17:23


The key with nameservers is that they would need to be setup at your domain name registrar.

Registrars generally have an area where you tell them your two IP addresses, along with the names of your two nameservers.

Once they're setup at your registrar -- you can configure any domain name to use those as a nameserver.


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