Webmin Backup - missing mysql!

So, trying to backup webmin configuration files, and, not found on the list is MySQL! I see Postgres, just not MySQL.

Also, a factor MAY BE I cloned MySQL and made a MySQL Replication module via webmin. So, I would hope the cloned one would show up also so I could truly backup the webmin configuration.

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I can confirm this. dovecot is also missing in the list of modules to backup. (And I have not cloned any modules :).)

Are you looking to backup MySQL settings like replication (from /etc/my.cnf) , or the contents of the databases themselves?

Certainly NOT the databases, I presume whatever postgres does, probably, just my.cnf and any other mysql configuration file that may exist. For example, I believe you store them in /etc/webmin/mysql.

In my case, my cloned one shows up as /etc/webmin/mysql2

OK, that makes sense - currently Webmin doesn't have support for backing up my.cnf via the Backup Configuration Files module, but I will add that in the next release.

But the config files I mentioned as well, right? /etc/webmin/mysql*

Yes, those will also be included.

Don't forget dovecot while you're at it. :)

The Dovecot module shows up as an option in the "Backup Configuration Files" module already, at least for me ..

It doesn't for me... Neither on Ubuntu 10.04 (64 bit) nor on Ubuntu 8.04 (64 bit)...

The sequence of modules where Dovecot should probably appear is:

CVS Server
Configuration Engine
DHCP Server
Disk and Network Filesystems
Extended Internet Services

I tried "Refresh Modules" too, no change. The module does appear in the "Servers" side menu section though, as Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server.

Which Webmin version are you running there?

The ones that Virtualmin delivers... On Ubuntu 10.04 it is 1.517, on Ubuntu 8.04 it is 1.510.

Oh, I just had it update the 1.510 version on Ubuntu 8 to the latest Webmin (even though Virtualmin did not tell me that there are Webmin updates, so I hope that wasn't a mistake :) ), and I got the version 1.530 there now. And in that version, Dovecot indeed does appear in the backup list.

So it would seem that Virtualmin considers an older version of Webmin with stuff missing to be up-to-date? :) Well, I guess you know what you're doing. ;)

Ok, that explains it .. the Ubuntu repo is behind on the current Webmin version. Installing 1.520 or 1.530 manually from http://www.webmin.com/ will fix this, and will work fine.

Okidoki, I'll do that.

Another interesting observation is that on the Webmin 1.517 (Ubuntu 10) the "Upgrade Webmin" command in Webmin Configuration is missing... On the Webmin 1.510 (Ubuntu 8) it was present and I used it to fetch the 1.530.

Also, I recall that you recently said that the Webmin version in Virtualmin is not always the latest offered for standalone Webmin, since it needs to go through more testing to be "cleared" for Virtualmin or something like that?

EDIT: I just found the issue opened by "SteveAcup" and the replies to it. :) Okidoki. Then it is odd that the Virtualmin on my Ubuntu 8 actually did have the "Upgrade Webmin" icon, and it still does after upgrading to 1.530.

By the way, is this a 32-bit or 64-bit system?

Ok, looks like the 64-bit repo was behind in the version of Webmin.

Try an apt-get update now and let me know if you can see webmin 1.530 in the repo OK.

Yepp, looks good. Both aptitude and the Virtualmin status page show 1.530 as available.

Any idea why the Webmin on my Ubuntu 8 is showing the "Upgrade Webmin" icon in Webmin Config, though it should not when Vmin is installed?

OS: Ubuntu Linux 8.04.4 (64 bit) Virtualmin version: 3.82 Pro Webmin version: 1.530

It could be because that is an older install, from before when the install script disabled that icon?

I don't think so... I installed that (fresh) system using the Vmin Pro installer script.

Anyway it's no biggie. I can do some further testing if maybe the Ubuntu 8 repository behaved differently as in which Webmin version and features it fetched than the Ubuntu 10 one.

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