Where is this block coming from?

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#1 Fri, 12/03/2010 - 15:01

Where is this block coming from?

the control panel for an app I am using listens on port 30000. everytime i browse over to it, my IP would get temp banned for port scanning. I modified PS_PORTS to "0:29999,30001:65535,ICMP" and that problem went away.

Now, for a reason yet unknown, I still get blocked when I try to access the CP, UNLESS my IP is added to the allow list (done via a machine at another location). I have added all the processes used by this CP to csf.pignore. I also added the users they run under*

Given that I have a dynamic IP, this is quite an inconvenience.

If I search for my IP BEFORE I add it to the allow list it is NOT FOUND, which makes sense, since accessing other ports/services works fine even before I add my IP to the allow list.

Where is this block coming from? I dont want to manually add my IP to the allow list every time i want to use this CP...

Please advise


  • do i really have to add both the process AND the user to the list? it seems that one or the other would be enough...