Wrong network configuration in webmin/network module

There's an issue in the gentoo webmin network configuration (btw gentoo is not in OS list).

Between 2004 gentoo version and 2006 one, the network configuration has changed. The file is still /etc/conf.d/net, but the content is not the same.

You can find old handbook here:

And new handbook here:

As you can see, old net configuration file was like this:
iface_eth0=" broadcast netmask "

And this is what is used by webmin.

But the new handbook shows the new network config like this:
config_eth0=( " netmask " )
routes_eth0=( "default via " )

You notice this is not the same, and old setup does not work anymore.

The routes_eth0 is a bit different on my isp, as the "via" keyword is replaced by the "gw" one.

So with this weird configuration file, it is not possible for me to use virtualmin, as the config is not the same...


Closed (fixed)