Zarafa Integration with Virtualmin

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#1 Tue, 11/09/2010 - 21:41

Zarafa Integration with Virtualmin


I have been using Virtualmin GPL for about a year and I have about 24 domains running smoothly. Some of my website owners have been asking me to install Zarafa Community edition. Has anyone done this with an existing Virtualmin server? I am at a loss of how to do this, any direction on adding this into the Virtualmin mix would be greatly appreciated.



Thu, 11/11/2010 - 07:33

Hi Andrew,

I don't know anything about Zarafa, but it looks like a few folks did some work with that in the past. You can see some of their posts here:

It sounds like there'd be some time investment to get it working, so you may want to verify that using Zarafa on your Virtualmin server is really the best way to get what you want :-)

For example, it may be simpler to setup a second server that runs Zarafa, and have emails destined for certain users be forwarded over to your Zarafa server. That would be a nice and simple setup, and wouldn't require any special configuration on your Virtualmin server.

Also, RoundCube offers a nice AJAX webmail interface, and offers a number of plugins. It may be possible to get the functionality your users are interested in using RoundCube with a few plugins.


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