Cloudmin disables domains AFTER backup when moving accross servers


Today, we used Cloudmin to move a Virtual Domain from a Physical server to a KVM virtual server.

We noticed that when moving with the option to disable the Domain from the first server. Cloudmin would only disable the server AFTER the backup.

It's a problem for us, because the site is live, and the risk is to lose some transactions on the database.

Shouldn't Cloudmin disable the domain FIRST and only then backup and restore ?

We had to delete the domain on the new server, disable it from the old server, then after having moved it again with Cloudmin, re-enable it on the new server.



The disable is done after the backup to reduce downtime, and also to avoid the case where the backup fails and the domain is left in a disabled state ..

Ok, I understand it's a choice. We sill simply have to disable the domain before to avoid transactions lost.

Sorry to have filed that under "bug report" !

I can see why your method makes sense though .. I will add an option to disable first to the domain move form.

Actually, I can't add an option for this yet as Virtualmin's support for backing up a disabled domain is lacking. So this will have to wait for now ..

It's strange, because that's exactly what we did : disable the virtual domain and then move it. And to move it, Cloudmin has to backup and restore it, right ?

But I don't want to insist. I understand it's a matter of choice and we can live with moving disabled domains. We just have to remember to re-enable them after... But it's not like if it was something we did every week...

So that worked OK for you, and you were able to enable after restoring on the target system?

Yes. We did that 6 or 7 times with no hassle.

If fact, we disabled it one one server, and move it from the cloudmin master as soon as it was disabled.

we just had a problem with one VM wich was attached to a different IP on a virtual NIC (because of a SSL website) : Cloudmin refused to move it without deleting it, claiming it would lead to IP conflict, even if the virtual domain was already disabled. It also refused to move if with "relocate IP" option choosed, even if the IP was compatible with the range set up in the host's properties. In fact, it did the move but failed in the restore process, with a "impossible to relocate IP adress" kind of error.

For that virtual domain, we had to it backup, transfer the file and then restore it on the second host.