Webmin Bootup and Shutdown settings.

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#1 Fri, 10/15/2010 - 16:58

Webmin Bootup and Shutdown settings.

For some reason Webmin, and many other programs do not startup after a reboot. When I go into the webmin bootup and shutdown settings then click webmin, I then choose "Yes" to startup after boot. Once I hit Save, I get:

Failed to save action : Failed to open /etc/webmin//rc5.d/S99webmin for writing : Bad file descriptor

I am running Webmin 1.520 with Virtualmin GPL 3.80 on Ubuntu 9.10 32bit on an EC2 box.

Something else I noticed that I thought was odd, under the Bootup and Shutdown area, EVERYTHING say's "No" in the "At Boot?" column.


Mon, 10/18/2010 - 20:15
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Your Webmin is misconfigured.

What OS does Webmin believe you're running? This problem could be caused by failure to detect the OS during installation (if you have a non-standard install Webmin may not have been able to find or parse the issue file, or other identifying information).

It could also be caused by attempting to manually configure it, and making mistakes; perhaps using a relative path where an absolute path would make more sense.

Basically, it seems to think your init files and rc files are supposed to be in /etc/webmin/, which is not a sane location for rc files.

Look in the Bootup and Shutdown module configuration in the System Configuration section. Make sure all of those paths and correct for your system.

Note, however, that if things went wrong during installation for whatever reason, you're probably going to find tons of broken bits. There's configuration for every module, and there are 200+ modules in a standard Webmin (and a dozen more in a Virtualmin system, though they are mostly meta-modules that work with the existing Webmin configuration rather than need to know where things are).


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