Let us introduce ourselves

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Let us introduce ourselves

Hi we are DSNetworx Ltd. DSnetworx was formed in December 2009. The company primarily provides open source linux solutions. Though with over fifteen years of windows server experience, they also help companies integrate linux and windows solutions to maximize existing infrastructure and reduce budget costs.

By utilising linux open source solutions they help their clients increase security and productivity, often using legacy hardware. Linux systems are used worldwide by both small and large organisations and offer incredible savings. Instead of the familiar upgrade of hardware, when upgrading a Microsoft Windows server, a linux server often doesn’t require a hardware upgrade. The individual or organisation can then invest in support costs only and reduce their budgets.

DSnetworx has especially been incredibly successful in providing this flexibility to schools. As a ‘Ubuntu Solutions Provider’, DSnetworx have been able to help schools cope with dramatic decreases in budgets. Yet as linux systems are not susceptible to viruses, trojans and malware aimed at Microsoft Windows systems, it demonstrates additional benefits to using linux.

With DSnetworx providing support via email, telephone and onsite across the UK, they can back up their solutions with long-term support, providing a value resource to IT departments hit by cost saving.

DSnetworx also provide support to business startups and small businesses. Using an operating system and packages that are open source, mean without limiting productivity, these businesses are not burdened with costs that can limit growth.

Whatever your type or size of organisation we can help www.dsnetworx.co.uk