Willing to share Install Scripts Install Counts?

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#1 Mon, 10/11/2010 - 15:09

Willing to share Install Scripts Install Counts?

Hey, you may have seen my other post where Jamie is having trouble detecting new Joomla versions partly because their SVN system puts semi-random digits into the middle of the filename...

I had an email exchange with Jamie- I was thinking that it might be beneficial to the Virtualmin community to have some count information on the number of installs of each app available under Install Scripts. In the example above, it might be possible to get more attention from the Joomla devs if there were known to be thousands of Joomla sites managed by Virtualmin.

It might also allow better selection of apps, if it were known that, say, nobody uses Image Galleries, or that certain CMSes are never installed. Those categories or products could be dropped in favor of more widely used ones.

Anyone have any interest or thoughts on this?