Time Sync setup does not show up in Cron Jobs

Dear Developers!

My problem is that when I set up Internet time synchronization at Webmin » Hardware » System Time » Time server sync, after pressing the Sync and Apply button the synchronization occurs once without any problem, but there are not any related jobs show up in Cron, furthermore the needed scheduled synchronization never occurs.

I think this issue came with the latest v1.517 Webmin, when after upgrade the job disappeared from Cron. The server had a separate Webmin-maintained Cron job for this task before.

I recognized the problem by time skew, 'cause we run our server as a Hyper-V virtual machine and as the hardware clock is not so accurate this way we need time sync quite often.

Please help us solving this problem.

Many thanks and greetings.

Gergo Giczy Hungary/EU



Yeah, I believe I'm seeing similar behavior... on Debian, I don't see anything added into cron when choosing the option to "Synchronize on schedule".

This is actually sort-of expected behavior. On Webmin versions 1.517 and later, time syncing is no longer done by a regular cron job, but rather by a scheduled task that is run within Webmin itself. This saves on memory, as it avoids running another copy of perl with all the system and Webmin libraries loaded..

Are you sure that time syncing isn't being done? You could test this by intentionally setting the clock to 5 minutes into the past, changing the sync job to run every minute, then waiting to see if it gets corrected.

Well, Jamie, you're absolutely right. It works as expected...

The solution was to set the time server to time-a.nist.gov as time.nist.gov gives NTP data very uncertain these times or in our country. This made the time synchronization also uncertain lead me to look for the old-way Cron job work.

Sorry for the unnecessary support request and keep up this very good work in the future.