Increasing Drive Capacity

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#1 Wed, 08/11/2010 - 09:24

Increasing Drive Capacity

Citrix Xenserver CentOS 5.4 Virtualmin

I thought increasing drive space was going to be any easy task. It might still be pretty easy but now when it comes down to it I'm very nervous.

I'm using 4x 146gb hd's in a Raid 1+0 config. After the xenserver install I have about 127gb of space to play with.

When I first started with this project I was creating 8gb partitions on the xenserver because I had many experiments going on. Now that I'm finished toying around my 8gb is looking small. I thought I could simply go to xenserver shut down the vm running virtualmin, increase the disk size and start back up and this I did just fine.

I increased the size to 30gb and fired up the VM. Webmin sees the new drive size of 30gb....

Disk size: 30 GB | Cylinders: 3916

Add primary partition. | Add extended partition. Number Type Extent Size Start End Used by
1 Linux 101.98 MB 1 13 /boot 2 Linux LVM 7.90 GB 14 1044 LVM VG VolGroup00

How best should I handle this for virtualmin, adding an extended partition or adding a primary partition or should I do something else?

Thanks for you help!