Clarify payment process for Virtualmin Pro license renewal

This is a feature request to clarify payment process for Virtualmin Pro license renewal.

When Virtualmin Pro license expired no information is provided on how to renew license. In other word client want to pay but struggles to do that ;)

*Maybe after clicking the button redirect user to*/software_license
Where * is the ID. Find attached screenshot to clarify button location.

*If above not possible then maybe add a 'help' link really close by the button. Link would go to a page on Page would give more information.



Hi Jamie

We have a lot of Virtualmin Licences. How can we chose those we want to renew? Is it still under development?



We have, as every year, to renew licence but there is still no option to select which one.

The serial list is : 5556060 5556873 5556033 5556059 5558541 5558543 5556284 5557544 5557545 5557341

Is an easiest solution always under Dev ?


The system is slightly improved from past years, in that if the upgrade manager is confused, a human will see it and often be able to figure out which license to apply it to :-)

However, you're right that this isn't ideal, and that you may need to let us know via a support request which license to apply it to.