Webmin is pointing to SSL error as soon as ami-dc1a32a8 is started


I have started an instance of the Virtualmin Amazon AMI ami-dc1a32a8 and as soon as i started and opened ports for it I got this error when I point to port 10000


Error - Bad Request

This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL instead.

The instance is down now. I did run an updated through SSH but that did not make any difference.

Could you please suggest what I can do to fix this? Is this a bug or misconfiguration? Sounds strange that it does not work from the start



Closed (fixed)


Hi Jamie

thanks for your reply. Wha t you wrote makes perfect sense. When using the HTTPS


I get a standard page from the server

Going back to my original intention, I wanted to follow the instructions on


to get started with the webmin to set up all the server related aspects

As you can see in the tutorial it suggests I should point to http rather than https. Do you know where is webmin running in the current version of the AMI?




never mind my last post. There is a proxy problem on my side that stops traffic through 1000 on HTTPS.

Thanks for your time

Thanks for pointing that out - the docs are indeed wrong, and should use the https URL. I have fixed that now.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.