CentOS 5.5 / rsyslog

Good afternoon,

As I mentioned in a previous ticket, I'm in the process of testing some hardware and software upgrades with Virtualmin.

In the process of this, I have done a clean installation of CentOS 5.5 and installed Virtualmin Pro on it.

During the course of attempting to get the system setup, I noticed that neither the Syslog or Syslog-ng modules was active in Virtualmin. It appears that RedHat is no longer using the standard syslog application, but has instead moved to rsyslog as the logging mechanism.

I altered the Syslog module configuration to point to all of the appropriate rsyslog configuration, pid, and init files, and it seems to be able to parse the file just fine, but before I start making changes via the Webmin interface, I want to make sure that doing so is not going to cause any problems with the configuration.



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I had a look, and it looks like CentOS 5.5 still includes the sysklogd package, which is for regular syslog.

Is this installed on your system? If not, did you perhaps switch to using rsyslogd later?

Either way, it is safe to configure Webmin to use the rsyslogd configuration files, as they are compatible with classic syslog.

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Closing as this ticket is very old, and no longer relevant.