Hello, Happy New User here :)

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#1 Sun, 05/30/2010 - 04:35

Hello, Happy New User here :)

Hello Virtualmin/Webmin world :)

I am a virtualmin(gpl)/webmin happy user! I was really a cPanel addicted but when I decided to make a change, I did it! And I wrongly arrived to this world... and guess what! I loved it.

I am using it in two VPS and I am also starting to propose it as an alternative for all my clients that they are liking it too.

I think I mastered totally both Vm and Wm, I installed on it all the necessary stuff, I am happily and successfully using SpamAssassin, DomainKeys, SSL certificates and so on!!!

I am developing a new template for WM and soon I will write also a review on my websites and... who know, maybe one day I will buy a lifetime license for it. Honestly at the moment I don't need the pro-power of VM but never say never.

Anyway, regarding me I am a graphic designer (a real one) and PHP coder (ah, my real IT degree ask for revenge), I am italian (so sorry for my english) but living in a foreign country. I like the word "free" and the "opensource" world. I offer many services for free and also if I need to work to pay my bills I still and I will always believe in the "free" and "opensource" words.

Maybe I will never become rich.. I offer free hosting using my reseller account (the last one) on a cPanel webhost for people who have great projects but not so much money to afford hosting expense (especially because many of them paid for super cheap hosting and what they obtained was... that after some months the cheap hosting disappeared from the scene...) while most of my clients are on VPS.

What else... mmm... I coded a personal CMS, a suite of SEO tools, coding a directory script (yes, another one)... mmm... whenever you will need help... I hope to be available to be helpful :D

Said so... ahm... Long life to WM and VM!


Fri, 06/25/2010 - 12:53
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Thanks for the kinds words, chkme. Don't hesitate to ask questions, if you run into any problems with your Webmin/Virtualmin projects. We love having folks working with the platform (and design is a major weakness of things currently, though we have some stuff simmering in that area).


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