Configure Apache Modules Not Available

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#1 Mon, 05/10/2010 - 06:09

Configure Apache Modules Not Available

if I search for "Configure Apache Modules" then click on the link "Configure Apache Modules" under "References" (the only result for the search), "Configure Apache Modules" is available for installation.

BUT even when I install it then "refresh modules", it still doesnt show up under "Webmin -> Servers -> Apache -> Global configuration ->". which looks like this

how do i successfully install Configure Apache Modules ?!


Mon, 05/10/2010 - 13:11

Okay, after speaking with Jamie, it sounds like only Debian and Ubuntu have this particular screen.

It doesn't exist on CentOS due to the more complex manner that they use for Apache module management.

So, in order to manage Apache modules on CentOS, you'd need to edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, and manually add/modify/remove the LoadModule lines in there.


Wed, 05/12/2010 - 14:27

thanks eric

it seems like some of the modules commented out in httpd.conf also need to be commented out in other *.conf in the same dir (for example all the proxy modules)

also, commenting out some modules renders apache unusable, even when the syntax check says ok (for example LDAP auth)

Sun, 11/19/2017 - 04:23

I am SalarERaad, go to APACHE Module Config select no for Always detect Apache modules automatically? Yes No after save Config go to Global configuration in Apache Webserver you see Re-Configure Known Modules end

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