ProFTP > Global config > Files & DIr > "Limit users to directories" Fails to work

ProFTP > Global config > Files & DIr > "Limit users to directories" Fails to work when trying to restrict users from browsing others home directories.

Actually, I would like to suggest that jailing FTP users to their home directories would be a good default setting, they don't need to know in a trivial way what other clients are installed on the system. in our company, our client do not have access to the PHP code that runs their website. But I have to say it's a first for me to see a default setup that allows virtual server owners to browse with FTP outside their home directories. I have no problem configuring this stuff manually.

Anyway, when we try to restrict them to their home directory from the user interface in webmin, several lines of config appear in the global section, at the bottom of the file - which is the incorrect behavior I am reporting.

What it should do instead is uncomment the line of the config file that says:

DefaultRoot ~

Thanks for checking on this. We're using virtualmin 3.77 -- is there a more recent version?





well, my post does not show the pound sign I wrote before the "default ~" -- Just FYI

Howdy -- when you chose the directory restriction on that screen, that you checked the "Apply" checkbox on the right?

Any rule that you want enabled should be checked as "Active".

I don't think we're talking about the same thing. I've attached a screenshot of the config screen for "files and directories". there's no such checkbox.

But actually, if you check the to radio button to restrict users to "home directory", and apply. A second line with the same radio buttons will appear below, each time I hit apply. At one point when I had 3 lines of the same radio button list, I decided to edit the config file manually, and that's where I noticed it was doing something weird to the section of the proftp config file. There's definitely a bug there -- or I am not understanding it.

Aha, you're right, we're not talking about the same thing :-)

There's another way to accomplish what you're after that may be more straight forward... when you log into Virtualmin, go into Limits and Validation on the left, and choose "FTP Directory Restrictions".

From there, you can setup directory restrictions like you're after.