ProFTPD & vsFTP auth with openLDAP

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#1 Mon, 02/01/2010 - 16:14

ProFTPD & vsFTP auth with openLDAP

Dearest Virtualmin community.

I am crying & crying & crying need help.

I am trying to configure ProFTPD to work with openLDAP.

Everything is working perfectly fine, thanks to automated install script & few tips & tricks shared by others, I was able to configure openLDAP as a central auth for all my virtualmin servers, it is a bit complex environment as per my standard to myself only, for you guys it is fairly very simple...

...I am using spamassasin on different VM, clamav on different vm, postfix on different vm, apache sites on different VM, PDNS & SDNS on different VM, all these VMs are NFS mounted with each other, all these VMs are in openLDAP ring accept one, which is master LDAP.

All auths are requested to local VM such as ssh, ftp, apache protected directories, & other services, why local, because all auths are done from openLDAP at backend, broadcasted from master, every time there is an update, so the load is balanced, auth requests are not sent one central server. I mean all auth are performed by local machine to openLDAP locally, but ldap data bases is updated from one central location & replicated across all VMs ( VirtualMin Servers ).

ProFTPD will be installed by default when I install VM, no matter what I can do it will not work, now if I just stop ProFTPD & issues the following command, yum install vsftpd, from online repo vsftpd server will be installed (FULL STOP). do not try to configure it for openLDAP, apart from some minor conf changes such as chroot user ftp home path etc.

And to my surprise ftp auth against openLDAP will work perfectly fine, but on ProFTPD, I also tried to compile with some wearied switches etc for openLDAP, but no success.

Can someone please please please help conf ProFTPD with openLDAP.

Why ProFTPD, because one can check status of FTP service if it is running on VM,s Information console