Processes hanging with 30% CPU after mail log query

I was looking at some mail log entries for Mailman this morning and noticed slow response from the server. Don't know why but there are 8 maillog.cgi processes that are running with moderate CPU utilization. I am not using the maillog query any longer and this is not usual behavior. I could kill them but wanted to check first. I did install updates recently. This is VirtualMin Pro also

Check the file attachment

Thanks, Bill



Yeah, it shouldn't do that, and I'll pass this along to Jamie for further comment.

In the meantime, it's certainly no problem to kill those processes.

Also, I'm curious, if you look in the mail log again with Virtualmin, do you end up with the same problem?

I've killed the processes and the server is settling down. I'll try the mail log queries in a few minutes and let you know. I also had the hangning but that went away on its own.

Cannot recreate the problem. Dang I hate these types of issues...

If you haven't used the "Search Mail Logs" page for a while, when you do a search it will rebuild an index that speeds up future searching. This can be slow, but searches after that will be faster .. so you may be seeing expected behavior.

Thanks for the info about the index rebuild. We'll see how it goes I guess. The issue went on for two hours before I opened the ticket.

Thanks for the help!