I would like to return Cloudmin

Hello Virtualmin group, I was reading in other forum posts that you guys allow a 30-45 day return policy. I would like to return my order of Cloudmin. It does not meet my needs. I currently have it installed on a Dell 2950 Server, but it does not provision VPS's like I had hoped it would.

Please let me know when this can be completed.

-Zach DigiDesert



Sure, we can issue a refund. I am assigning this bug to Joe for further action ..

Any progress on this?

Hi Zach -- just checking in, did Joe handle your refund for you?

Hey guys, I'm also in a similar situation, where Cloudmin does not meet my needs, but instead of a refund, I was wondering if I could swap the cloudmin linense for a virtualmin pro license?

staticanime - sure, we can do that for you. Please open a separate ticket though, so we can more easily track it.

Hi AndreyChek, As far as I know, no one has processed this yet. Still waiting for the next step. -Zach