Roundcube plugin for changing password

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#1 Wed, 12/30/2009 - 07:51

Roundcube plugin for changing password

Sat, 03/27/2010 - 11:22

Awesome, I've been looking for this. However it doesn't work for me. I have roundcube installed in one location, and have my users login with username.domain and password.

Sat, 03/27/2010 - 14:05

Please explain what is going wrong, do you have any error messages?

Sat, 03/27/2010 - 15:43

From roundcube i get: Could not save new password

In the error log of roundcube i see this: [27-Mar-2010 18:01:07 +0100]: PHP Error: Password plugin: Unable to execute /home/ in /home/ on line 0 (POST /?_task=settings&_action=plugin.password-save?_task=&_action=)

Mon, 03/29/2010 - 13:27

Make sure the file permissions are correct -r-sr-x---

Mon, 03/29/2010 - 18:00

Yes, been going through all the steps at least 10 times, so it's not that either:/ Although the file is red when it's chmod'ed that way, i did also test with full permissions.

I am interested to know what it extracts from $_SESSION['username'] If it's the login name that people enter, that would be username.domain i don't understand: $domain = substr(strrchr($username, "@"), 1); That line looks like it's searching for @ and grabs whatever is behind it, but if the username variable only has username.domain it won't work.

Tue, 04/27/2010 - 18:48

So any ideas? I'd like to know what kind of setup you are using, do you use username.domain or username@domain in virtualmin?

Sun, 07/17/2011 - 00:29
Hello guys. So I installed roundcube-0.4 (that's the version that the theme i bought require). Activated all stuff... But I only have this problem, the password changing.... I took the last password plugin, but it refuse to work.

I have this error: PHP Error: Password plugin: Unable to execute /usr/share/roundcubemail-0.4/plugins/password/drivers/chgvirtualminpasswd in /usr/share/roundcubemail-0.4/plugins/password/drivers/virtualmin.php on line 67 (POST /webmail/?_task=settings&_action=plugin.password-save?_task=&_action=)

Notice the chgvirtualminpasswd works if you invoke it in terminal: ./chgvirtualminpasswd modify-user ....etc.

Anyone can provide some help please?

I really don't know what to do, except jumping from the 5'th floor! 
Mon, 04/01/2013 - 13:57

Sorry for jumping into an old thread I have followed every relevant thing:

I foloowed the guide at I also implemebted the suggessions in the following: AND

But I am still getting new password could not be saved:

[01-Apr-2013 18:21:08 +0100]: PHP Error: Password plugin: Unable to execute /home/conjurenet/domains/ in /home/mycompany/domains/ on line 75 (POST /?_task=settings&_action=plugin.password-save?_task=&_action=)

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