Minimum time between autoreplies doesn't have any effect

When I choice an autoreply interval it doesn't have any effect and I get a reply on each message.



[munnik@stevie]{~}>sudo less /home/
Reply-Tracking: /home/virtualmin-autoreply/
Reply-Period: 120
Subject: Ik ben er ff niet!

Test bericht
[munnik@stevie]{~}>ls -l /home/virtualmin-autoreply/
/home/virtualmin-autoreply/ No such file or directory

Virtualmin wants to write to /home/virtualmin-autoreply/... but that directory doesn't exist. Is there anything missing in my config or is it a bug?

That's surprising, that directory should be created when you setup an autoresponder .. was it perhaps deleted?

Either way, you should create it with 777 permissions.

Hi Jamie,

/home is an automount of /export/home. Before I create a directory I want to make sure that /home is the right location. Shouldn't it be somewhere in /etc/webmin or /var/webmin?

No, it needs to be on the same filesystem as /home .. so likely /export/home/virtualmin-autoreply would be correct.