server crashes

hi Im going to replace a server with a new one...
In the logs I find
Nov 22 02:20:54 sv01 kernel: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 31 on CPU 0.
Nov 22 02:20:54 sv01 kernel: Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled?
Nov 22 02:20:54 sv01 kernel: Dazed and confused, but trying to continue
Oct 8 04:17:03 sv01 syslogd 1.4.1: restart.

As you see, there is a false date Oct. 8

NMI seems to be watchdog. But the error 31 may be a faulty memory
The end of the log says
Oct 8 04:19:47 sv01 kernel: usb 1-1: USB disconnect, address 2
Then a reboot
Nov 23 14:11:03 sv01 named[1973]: *** POKED TIMER ***

and the server is again running.

Any ideas to what to think seeing these logentries? I checked other logs but no relevant lines in there.

Anyway, Ill pick up the new server today, restore the domains and replace the hardware tomorrow or so.

thank you



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Submitted by ronald on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 10:20 Pro Licensee

In the meantime I have indentified a power supply issue. the server is using 2A. The spikes may have also corrupted the BIOS or motherboard battery.

the 8 oct. logentries are dated 1973 .. lol

Looks like some kind of clock issue. There isn't much we can do to debug hardware problems though ..