189 updates to system !! ?

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#1 Fri, 10/23/2009 - 00:59
Dim Git

189 updates to system !! ?

Hi People,

Sorry to be such a pain in the butt, I need to confirm that something has not gone wrong.

Every morning I check Virtualmin for updates using the "System Information" page "Package updates". And, of course I do update, both VM and any system updates as well.

This morning I updated to 3.74 Pro and suddenly "189 updates to system packages are available".

That seems like quite a lot and thought I would confirm that something has not gone horribly wrong. I have not added or changed repos so am using the default as installed.

Am I relatively safe upgrading these packages ?

If so, should I just update a few at a time or just go for broke. This is scary !

Thanks for reading

Fri, 10/23/2009 - 01:29

are these backport packages? anyway, this seems to be a bug... i just opened an issue about it.

Fri, 10/23/2009 - 08:51

Actually, the new Virtualmin version will show you packages from your distribution to update.

And CentOS just released version 5.4.

So assuming you didn't setup a third party repository of any sort (you'd probably know if you did!), that's completely normal, and you're just seeing what your Linux distro vendor is providing to you.


Fri, 10/23/2009 - 08:53

This came up in a Support Request yesterday here:


Where Jamie provided the following info:

In the latest Virtualmin release, it will now offer to upgrade other
system packages for you as well.

Previously only those related to Virtualmin and associated software
(like Apache and BIND) were offered.

You can tell the difference because Virtualmin updates will appear on
the System Information page in a line like :

"One updated Virtualmin package is available. Use the Virtualmin Package
Updates module to see all managed packages."

We strongly recommend updating Virtualmin-related packages. Other
updates you can make if you want..
Fri, 10/23/2009 - 10:46
Dim Git

Thanks for your reply.

I guess that I am safe to just update all.

I have made no changes to anything outside WM and VM except installing Fail2Ban (which works very well). I feel safer, but not safe.

Thanks Eric et. al.

Sat, 10/24/2009 - 06:38

Is VM ready for CentOS 5.4? Has anyone had any issues with this update?


Sat, 10/24/2009 - 17:42
Joe's picture

CentOS 5.4 is a minor revision update. All versions in the "5" major revision are binary compatible. Everything that worked in 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, should continue to work unmodified in 5.4. If it doesn't it's a bug that the CentOS or RHEL folks would probably need to address.

That said, there wasn't a 5.4 link in our repo until just now, so Virtualmin binary updates would have failed on a system brought up to 5.4. But that's no big deal, and has now been fixed. It's just a symbolic link from "5" to "5.4"

I do want to make one thing clear though, since we get this kind of question about point releases of CentOS a lot:

A .x release of CentOS or RHEL is just a re-roll of the OS to include new drivers, minor bugfixes, and new functionality (without breaking binary compatibility with all prior revisions). We support CentOS 5. Doesn't matter what point release it is. This is why we like CentOS/RHEL on servers; it lasts a long time, gets updates regularly, and is always compatible with all prior similar releases.

Point releases of CentOS do not alter compatibility. That's the point of CentOS and its long lifecycle (sorry for the pun).


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