Hi help need with setup cron command

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#1 Wed, 10/21/2009 - 05:58

Hi help need with setup cron command

Hi , well i am totally new to this and I need help. I am running virtualmin just bought ( oct-21-2009 ) so i guess it is the newest update if that matters.

My problem.I am trying to understand how to get a cron command to work. i have the command that works in my web browser but when i put it into virtualmin or i should say the webmin tab on virtualmin, to create a cron job.. I get lost..

I am trying to get ffmpeg player to work with "jomsocal" for joomla 1.5 and jomsocal needs to have a cronjob run to convert the videos.. so that is why i want to use a cron job

ffmpeg is installed in /usr/bin

it works from the web command i have..

so what i do it the following:

Create a new scheduled cron job ( I make sure it is the root user) i guess root will run everything.

Job is ACTIVE..

Command ( I do not know what to put here)

Input to command ( I do not know what to put here)

but here is the command that I use to put into my web browser url and it works..


can anyone tell me what the coron command would be that i need to use and where to put it PLEASE:)

sorry i am so new at this and i just do not understand.

thank you and thank you for your time..