Certificate error using outlook and webmail.domain.com

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#1 Wed, 10/14/2009 - 16:18

Certificate error using outlook and webmail.domain.com


I'm having some problems with certificate error when using webmail.domain.com

-See image attached

Poked around in settings , but didn't find anything useful

And When I turn on Outlook express I get this error every single time, it's a bit frustrating..

-See image attached

I found this on the net

-- The clue to the cause was that none of my sent mail was showing in the sent box - somehow the system date of my PC had reset itself to 2004. All my sent mail was in the sent box but as the folder was sorted by date, they were not stored where I expected to see them!

Amended the date (right click on the time in the bottom left of the screen and select adjust date/time) to 2009 and hey presto the security alerts all went away.


Could this be causing the problem ? There is something wrong with dates on that computer, that's for sure, because mails from that computer have year 2007..