Need a non-Java File Manager

I have two Mac users, and both have File Manager issues.

Obviously, this is a key feature.

For reference, cPanel has not one but two non-Java (apparently) File Managers, one Legacy and one newer. I have never, ever, in about 5 years of cPanel hosting, gotten a complaint about those File Managers.

There are some benefits of the Java version, notably cut and paste, but when the Java technology acts as a stopper, that more than negates any benefits.

Thanks for considering. Ken




I have never ending problems with the Java file manager I'm a Mac user too), so much so that I have given up using it.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure that the problem is more Mac/Java related than a VM thing directly, but I would also love to see something along the lines of the cPanel file manager in VM.

What say, Jamie?

Writing a nice AJAX file manager is a lot of work .. however, it turns out that there are some nice ones available already for free, such as eXtplorer .

As a quick solution, I will add an installer for this to the next Virtualmin release .. you could even have it installed in new domains by default, and add a custom link to it from the left menu for your domain owners.

Longer-term a properly integrated AJAX file manager is still planned though.

Hi Jamie,

That sounds and looks like a good temporary measure. Security would be my worry with it, but in any case it'll do for now as Macs+the current Java file manager really don't get along at all.

Thanks, I'll look out for the installer in the/a future VM release.


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Submitted by Joe on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 15:26 Pro Licensee

We do have plans to convert the File Manager into an AJAX version. It will be a ways down the road, however, as the rest of Virtualmin needs to be AJAX-ified before we can tackle something like the File Manager.