Main server & Slave server.

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#1 Mon, 09/14/2009 - 17:06

Main server & Slave server.

I'm having some troubles.

I'm trying to make it so that client accounts can be created on either, or, and in the future

(I'm aware I'm giving away alot of information)

Both servers are running Virtualmin. I have domain setup to nameservers and and linode redirecting all requests to (As godaddy refuses to let me set the nameserver to

Now, when I create virtualhost on I get the option to create slave DNS zone, and create DNS zone. Both are checked by default.

Should I be setting it to create a DNS zone, or a slave DNS zone? When I set it as a master zone, its created, but still gets the default virtualhost at When I set it as a slave, it throws an error about needing to set a master IP in the default template.

To setup the servers I followed the instructions as best as I could here: However, I could not figure where and what to set for the Master Server IP address (Because, as I understand it, main1 would be a lsave, and main2 and main3 would be masters?)

Thanks, Adam

END RESULT HOPE: To be able to set nameservers to and ( is a redirect to, and have it work no matter if the client is on main1, main2, or main3.