Virtualmin Variables List

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#1 Mon, 09/07/2009 - 08:44

Virtualmin Variables List

Hello, I am trying to build a post run script after create/delete/modify virtual server is executed. I found a list of variables in the following URL ",template_variable_listing".

But I suppose there are many variables that exist and not mentioned in that URL. For example: $VIRTUALSERVER_ACTION although mentioned in the example at the bottom, doesnt find any mention in the entire post.

I guess there should be variable associated with SSL. Like if the domain owner uploads a SSL cert, which variable does virtualmin assign that to be used in the modification of the vhost file.

Can anyone point me to a complete list of variables. I guess the list is very important for anyone who wish to extend virtualmin using pre/post run custom script.

If such a list is not available, can we try using this post to collect the info.

Thanks to all....