File Manager crashes Firefox browser

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#1 Thu, 07/16/2009 - 12:38

File Manager crashes Firefox browser

I am running Virtualmin/Webmin 3.70 on Ubuntu 8.04 installed from My client machine from which I access Webmin is running Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit version. When I try to access File Manager, my browser (Firefox 3.0.11) simply disappears. Could anyone give suggestions on how to start trouble-shooting this problem.

Jonathan Gossage

Thu, 07/16/2009 - 13:21

I'm not really sure, unfortunately, that's not typical behavior :-)

It sounds like the browser is crashing.... do you happen to have another computer available you could test it on?

It does use a Java applet to run, so make sure you have Java installed on your desktop.


Thu, 07/16/2009 - 15:04 (Reply to #2)

My problem is that while I am used to debugging Java in IDE environments, I have no idea how one debugs an applet in a browser. I think that the problem occurs when the browser attempts to launch the applet and may also be associated with the fact that the JVM is 64 bit as well as the operating system (Sun JDK 1.6.13). Looks like I need to do some research.

Jonathan Gossage

Fri, 07/17/2009 - 02:58
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for long there wasn't a 64 bit applet. Sun hadn't written it. And one would install the 32bit firefox along side of the 64bit firefox. But times have finally changed.

I think you need (it's called, The Java(TM) Plug-in, Java SE 6).

Fri, 07/17/2009 - 19:21 (Reply to #4)

Thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately, I had already installed prior to testing so the problem appears to be deeper.

Jonathan Gossage

Sat, 07/18/2009 - 11:23
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it is likely the java install on your desktop. I had some trouble in the beginning as well untill I installed a different java version. sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-plugin is what I have next to java-common.

i also have 64bit jaunty as my OS

Sat, 08/08/2009 - 09:58

I had a similar problem with Jaunty, Java, and Firefox.

Thanks, Ronald, because one of the issues may have been that I had missed the -plugin package you reference above.

Several hours later, I remember that the instructions that I found most helpful for installing the latest Java version (not Sun's, which are not bad) mentioned that you might have to remove IcedTea.

I recall that some other update process had installed that earlier, and had noted the interesting name. Good thing to watch what Synaptic does, I am finding.

I thought that I had removed it, but it was still in Synaptic, so I removed it, restarted FF, and voila! Java.

I also found this which you might find interesting: how to switch between Java versions-

Thanks to all of you! Ken

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 02:49

Here is a workaround I stumbled onto.

I bought a used dual core laptop with no Operating system. I installed Peppermint 5 - a ubuntu 14.04 light weight distro

I love the java filemanager in Virtualmin Pro

I kept getting a big red animated error via icedtea/java.

This work around solved the issue that apparently is a bug in IcedTea/Java. Supposedly IcedTea Devs are aware of it and are working on resolving it?

Follow the instructions in the above link and Run the applet again, deselect the "Always trust" checkbox, and click the "Sandbox" button. The applet should then run normally. If it does not, please open a new bug report and attack the stack trace from that failure.

It worked for me :-)

John Wolgamot

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