Idea for checking backups?

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#1 Thu, 06/18/2009 - 02:34

Idea for checking backups?

I've wrote little script which checks my backups are physically there (I now mean files) - I can extend it to nonzero files.

But - is there any method how to check backup integrity?

I've read that backuping is good (now I know it is really good for health ;o) but when poor administrator only sits and hopes "every backup I have is there and functional doesn't solve the problem with incomplete etc backups).

Does virtualmin/webmin have any way how to check backup integrity?

And two ideas for Joe and Jammie.

First one is implementing option for checking connection (when backuping to remote site), because virtualmin only expects that connection can be established and THEN uploads tar.gz to that site. So for example if my OpenVPN fails and I am backuping to my local lan server virtualmin consumes computing power and really I won't have any backup compleated.

Second idea is parallel uploading and targziping of files. It can speed up backuping.

I am talking about this because I now have about 1.3M files in user home folders. I can reduce that to 1.1 but it takes for about 8 hours (18GB) by my 30Mbit line to download - don't know where can be a problem. On 100Mbit it takes for about 3 hours.

Thanks for any ideas and for great software Joe/Jammie and support Andreychek.