you should check out this discussion

at the WHMCS forum is a discussion about HyperVM users looking for alternatives.
Per haps you want to let people know about cloudmin.
I also posted there in another thread to let them know about you.

this is the other thread:

Matt wants a choice so he can create a module for it. There is already a virtualmin module so ...



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Submitted by Joe on Sat, 06/13/2009 - 16:20 Pro Licensee

Wow, thanks for the heads up. That's a really useful thread. It has a lot of great info one what people are looking for in a replacement for HyperVM; the stuff they "must have" and the stuff that would be "nice to have". Sounds like a good development roadmap for Cloudmin. ;-)

And, yes, I'll ping Matt to let him know we're happy to help out with adding support for Cloudmin to WHMCS and we're also eager to hear what he thinks we ought to be doing to make it less painful for folks who are dealing with the HyperVM situation.

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Submitted by Joe on Sat, 06/13/2009 - 16:36 Pro Licensee

Assigning to me, as I need to do a lot of homework there.

I have contacted Matt now, to let him know we're here to help if he wants to add Cloudmin support to WHMCS (I really liked working with Matt; he just gets stuff done, and fixes problems really fast; big fan of WHMCS here!).

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Submitted by Joe on Sat, 06/13/2009 - 19:51 Pro Licensee

I'll drop in and clear up any misconceptions about Cloudmin (looks like someone thinking Cloudmin is the same product as Virtualmin, which obviously needs straightened). ;-)

Joe - let me know if any potential users coming from HyperVM need features that we don't have in Cloudmin yet, and I'll bump them up in priority..

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Submitted by ronald on Mon, 06/15/2009 - 09:57 Pro Licensee

Joe you haven't participated in the thread yet at whmcs. there is news and I quote from their forum


We have received a long notice from our VPS supplier but mainly this paragraph says it all

"We're very sorry about this platform switch, but with the owner of HyperVM committing suicide, and then his father deciding to not continue HyperVM and have it shut down, we have had no choice but to leave that platform quickly. "

so if you want to wheel in some prospects, now is a good time. People are searching for solutions now.

I'll sign up for that forum and post a comment on LXadmin migration ..