Software Licenses FAQ

How do I upgrade from GPL to Pro

Once you have a serial number and a license key, you would need to undergo GPL to Pro upgrade by going to System Settings/Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro page. No other commands mentioned below should be run in this type of upgrade.

How do I renew an expired license?

Licenses purchased on or after January 7, 2016 will automatically renew until canceled, as long as your credit card information on file in our Braintree Vault is valid (Braintree is our payment provider, and they handle our recurring payment information).

Licenses purchased before January 7, 2016 are in the old shopping cart system, and cannot be renewed automatically. To re-activate a system with an expired license, simply buy a new license in our shop, and use the change-licence command to apply it to your server. Your server will instantly be activated on the new license!

The change-licence command can be used for either Virtualmin or Cloudmin, like so:

# virtualmin change-licence --serial NEWSERIAL --key NEWKEY

# cloudmin change-licence --serial NEWSERIAL --key NEWKEY

How do I cancel a recurring license?

Open a new ticket in our issue tracker requesting cancellation. If you have more than one license, please specify the serial number(s) of the license(s) you'd like to cancel. If your license is less than 30 days old, you will receive a full refund, as part of our Risk Free guarantee.

Cancellations may take a day or two to be processed, and an additional day or two for any refund to re-appear on your credit card, but we try to set the process in motion the same day we receive the cancellation request.

Never include the license key in a public ticket or forum post. The serial number is all we need to identify the license.

How do I upgrade a license?

Purchase a new license of the size you'd like, and request cancellation of the old license. If the original license is a monthly recurring license and isn't renewing within the next couple of days, we'll refund your most recent payment. If it is an annual recurring license, we will discount a pro-rated amount off of the original license purchase price.

Once you have purchased the new license, apply it using the change-license command, as discussed above.

Where are my expired licenses?

Expired licenses don't really have any intrinsic value, as they once did (before January 7th, 2016, our initial purchase price and renewal prices were different; but after that date initial purchase prices were reduced dramatically, and renewals were removed from the shop). But, if you need to see your old licenses for record keeping purposes, you can find them on the expired licenses page linked at the bottom of the Software Licenses page.

How do I update payment information or find my invoices?

See the Payments FAQ.