permanently disabling postfix...removal is what i really want

I REALLY want to remove postfix. I have literally ZERO need for the server to send all. If not that I want to make postfix unable to start. somehow systemd(or whatever is managing startup now) and webmin do not see the fact that postfix even exists..much less shows up in the bootup area of webmin...:)

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Title: permanently disabling postfix...removal is what i relaly want ยป permanently disabling postfix...removal is what i really want

let's narrow this down. can i remove postfix without having apt remove the lamp stack? If not I'll try simply renaming the etc/postfix directory instead..:)

:) renaming /etc/postfix to /etc/postfix.old did the trick..:)

nope virt did not like unrenamed the folder and rebooted. How to stop postfix from running permanently?

Have you tried disabling Postfix at boot time at Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown?

postfix is not showing in webmin/virt...let me change my premise as since this is a weird thing..and weird things lead to virt destroying itself..>:)

Do you mean it doesn't even show up on that Bootup and Shutdown page?

yeppers...that's the issue...i had already disabled postfix via that interface..but it has now re-enabled itself and disappeared from the bootup/shutdown area. I

So if Postfix is shut down on that page, you shouldn't need to do anything more to remove it. Just make sure the email feature is disabled on the Features and Plugins page.