Incorrect RAM resources reported in the dashboard

Virtualmin GPL here, on a Debian 10.

I had the same issue on my previous Dedi, with an older Debian: the Dashboard and resources usage dashboard page gives vastly incorrect results, compared to what a "top" or "free -m" terminal command returns.

It's all in the attached screenshots (along with dedicated server hardware information).

Virtualmin dashboard: telling only 14% of the real memory is used, then telling 26 GB out of 31 GB are unused. Terminal, top or free -m: telling there's under 300 megabytes of free RAM.

Honest disclaimer, it's not my job at all, so maybe I'm making a gigantic confusion here, with cache or swap, I learnt it the hard way, the more obvious, the easier to miss.

But maybe it really is a hug, so here's for the issue creation. Have a good day!



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Submitted by unborn on Sun, 07/05/2020 - 06:21 Pro Licensee

I can confirm users report (oliverf) - seeing same stuff.. updated from debian 9 to 10 - I would be installing fresh os later on days since my update is coming from debian 6 all the way up to 10.. but still I can confirm and reproduce.