Ubuntu image network is broken and interfaces are not being detected properly

Hi there team, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. We have been recently configuring Ubuntu manually for customers (notably 18.04 server and desktop) because there is a major issue with the image provided for KVM. The networking just simply doesn't work. We just attach an ISO and install ubuntu ourselves as a temporary work around. One major issue we have found is that Cloudmin is not detecting the network interfaces properly. The Ubuntu 18.04 is using a different naming convention for networking interfaces (ensx) but Cloudmin is looking at/dealing with ethx instead. As a result, if you don't make the Ubuntu 18.04 box use the eth0 naming scheme and try to add a real interface in Cloudmin, there is an error about failing to create the interface (coming from KVM) but if you check the machine and run: ip a you actually do see the interfaces and it shows up as ensx (x depending on how many times you did it, it will add more). So we click create real interface and it creates ens5, for example but ens5 doesn't show up in Cloudmin at all. Then we switch the Ubuntu box to use ethx naming scheme instead of ensx and now suddenly ens5 is renamed to eth5 but still Cloudmin doesn't detect it and now there is no way to remove it from the VM. If you try to create a real interface with the naming scheme set to ethx, Cloudmin somehow knows that eth5 is attached (even though it's not showing up in the list of real interfaces) and it will say that you must name the interface eth6. This is an easily reproducible issue if you install Ubuntu 18.04 on a blank KVM with the iso.

The real issue, honestly, is that the image for 18.04 is not working. If we can get that fixed, maybe we don't have to worry about all these interface issues. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys, thank you.



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Submitted by thedaemexco on Sun, 06/07/2020 - 11:42 Pro Licensee

Hello guys, we have put this request in almost 5 days ago and did not get a response. Hope you guys will have time to look into this. We see there is a response made to all the tickets except ours, did we set our ticket to private or is something wrong? Thanks.