Display status when resizing a disk.

Hi there team, we have a feature request for you today that we think will improvide the Cloudmin experience. We attempted to resize a disk today on one of our KVM virtual machines and noticed there was not any progress indicators during the disk resizing. We went back to the summary of virtual disks on the virtual machine and it displays a column for disk size. We reloaded the page and every time we reloaded, we can see the disk space getting larger and larger. This gave us a good idea of the progress of the disk resize but maybe there is an easier way to see this. We think that the same page where you click "Resize disk" there should be some display text that shows the progress (in percentage) of the disk. The progress can be calculated by getting the percentage value from the current disk space during resizing vs. the target disk space. No progress bar is necessary, we think just the text would be fine just like how Cloudmin already reports status for other things in text format (for example, when running a Re-check configuration on a virtualmin site). Let us know if this would be a great idea and if we can look forward to it in the next release! Not to mention it woud be useful to display errors here incase something went wrong during the process.



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Submitted by Ilia on Sat, 03/28/2020 - 06:28

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There is no straight forward or an easy way of adding that kind progress at the moment.

However, if I am not wrong, Jamie could simply print the page as progressive, using buffered header sub, and then on UI you would see the progress, as if downloading a file, for example.

Is this easy to add, Jamie?

We could easily add a dotted progress bar like you see in other parts of Cloudmin, but it wouldn't show the actual % completion of the disk resize (because that information isn't available from the underlying resizefs command).